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Meet The Team

Anjou Mehta


Anjou has been working within the medical industry for the past 25 years. Anjou's knowledge of EMR systems (Oscar EMR, Accuro, PS Suite), medical practices (FHO, FHG, CCM, FHT, OTN), and medical billing within Ontario has allowed Anjou's to provide invaluable experience and expertise to various medical practices. To date, Anjou has helped launch over 100 clinics across Canada, and helped establish successful clinical operations for her clients. As we continue to expand our client base, Anjou's commitment to build a strong healthcare community has only grown, and Anjou helps our organization thrive with her exceptional resources and connections.


Hemang has been working within the medical industry for the past 25 years. Hemang's work experience in Dynacare, and at St Michael Hospital makes him an invaluable member of our executive team. Hemang has extensive knowledge of Medical Billing, EMR systems, and Physician Recruitment. Hemang has helped and has led many of our clinical projects to success. Hemag's experience in financial planning for medical practices has helped many of our clients keep their medical practices alive during the pandemic.



Financial & Business Development Director

Dhrumil Mehta

Dhrumil has worked with several tech start-ups, ranging from companies building innovative medical grade surgical instruments, to researching novel materials to help develop new medical devices. Dhrumil has participated in hackathons, started his own small tech ventures, and Dhrumil's experiences in these areas lend us insights on how to grow our healthcare company. Dhrumil's background in Engineering also helps us provide IT solutions to all of our client's medical practices. This can range from addressing technical issues in existing clinics to setting up an IT infrastructure of a new medical practice.

Hemang Mehta

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Rakesh Mistry

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Rakesh has extensive knowledge and experience leading in virtual care in Ontario. Having worked with many cities across Ontario and with over 150 medical professionals, Rakesh understands what a clinician needs to operate their practice successfully. Rakesh has been working alongside Anjou Mehta for the last 6 years. As one of the directors of our company, Rakish's connections and experience allows for further collaboration and business growth with healthcare providers in Ontario.

Managing Director 

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